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"Dear Mr. Long,

I just wanted to let you know how much better I felt after my massage appointment Tuesday.  I have been getting massages about once a month for the last 4 years because of back injuries and muscle spasms but,  they have all been administered by women and they all did a good job.  What I noticed when I came to you was the difference between them and you.  I think, and I may be wrong but your muscle strength enabled you to get deeper into my muscles because there was relief deep down in my back  that I never realized before.  Thanks for the good work and I'll see you in about three weeks."

- Richard S.

"I have had the opportunity of having Lee Long as my Massotherapist for many years now. Mr. Long offered his skills and gift at a time in my life when it was most critical. I am 52 years old and have lived with a chronic condition of both neurological and skeletal damage all of my life. The pain had been tremendous and I was starting to lose any hope of living much longer. His technique and healing spirit was not only effective, but has helped me move past the pain into a new stage of life where my hope has been restored. I write this letter of recommendation as a benefactor of Mr. Long’s skill as a Massotherapist. and I highly recommend Mr. Long when if comes to massage and healing support for those suffering from the effects of trauma or just dealing with the everyday stressors of life. His professional presence is attentive and relaxed. He listens well to client’s needs both in what is verbalized as well as what is communicated physically. I trust Mr. Long as a professional and have referred numerous clients to him over the years who have also reported positive outcomes."

-Shianne E.

"I first met Lee Long in 2002, while in attendance at the National Institute of Massotherapy. We were both students at the time and Lee quickly became one of my favorite partners in massage practice. He studied diligently and quickly grasped the concepts and techniques presented to us. We often had opportunities to work in the same space during our practical portion of school.  Lee was always a considerate coworker. He made sure that both his client and fellow practitioner’s client were comfortable. Since that time, Lee and I have continued to meet to exchange massages. I have always found him to be professional, easy to work with, and a sensitive therapist, skilled at both intuiting and listening to his clients’ needs."

- Sarah P.


"Lee Long is a talented massotherapist & dedicated healer. He applied himself rigorously to his training; his technique & table side manner reflect both dedication & sensitivity.While he has the physical strength necessary for deep tissue massage, he is skilled & flexible in his approach to individual patient needs. His strength is applied mindfully & sparingly.I have been a client of Lee's on multiple occasions, receiving relief from a chronic back, shoulder & neck problem. In addition, I have accompanied my brother Ken as a client of Lee's. My brother is developmentally disabled, with multiple special needs. Lee is sensitive to Ken & Ken reports feeling much better after being massaged by Lee.

In summary, I highly recommend Lee Long as a talented massotherapist. In addition, he is a man of integrity & excellent character."


- Paul T.

"Lee Long worked for me for approximately 2 years, and was an exceptional employee.  He was attentive to detail, honest, friendly with patients, and was authoritative in his skill.  Patients spoke highly of his technique and we gained many referrals based on his skill. Mr. Long was a fantastic support to my practice, and I believe he will be a great asset to any future employer"

- Ken Williams DC




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