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I know that Ohio Lt. Governor Husted has announced that Massage can resume on May 15th. However, after much discussion with my wife and listening to many experts in the field discuss the pros and cons of practicing at this time, I have decided to remain closed. There are many different factors that play into my conclusion. Although I feel the standards of practice put forth by the Medical Board are very thorough, I do not feel they close the door completely to the possibility of infection, for me or for my clients.

Infection for many of my clients and family members, could be fatal. And I just can't take that risk, no matter how minimized it has become. In truth, I can not even quantify that risk, which is a real problem.

I do remain hopeful that the sheer numbers of researchers working diligently around the world to come up with a vaccine will bear fruit, and in a shorter timeframe than usual. I will be updating this page as events change.

Yours in Health, Serenity and Vitality!



R. Lee Long

Licensed Massage Therapist.






If you're ready for a Long massage, you've come to the right place. I have an office in Stow, Ohio. I have been licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board since 2004, and I can provide you with a massage that meets you where you are at. Whether you are seeking stress relief, general well-being or relief from aches and pains I can help. I am proficient in deep tissue massage, relaxation massage and trigger point therapy.

If you've never had a massage, or simply do not like deep pressure, I am adept at gentle massage that doesn't make things worse and produces a deep level of relaxation which can be very effective at releasing stress in the body. If you are needing deeper work, I pride myself on a gradual technique that helps the body be open to that pressure so we can help it let go and heal.

I also offer Reiki, which is a form of energetic healing that originated in Southeast Asia. It is a very relaxing experience that helps the body achieve a deep level of relaxation, which research has proven helps us achieve a level of homeostasis optimal for our health and well being. 

Feel free to look around. If you've never had a Therapeutic massage before, the F.A.Q. section has all the information you'll need to make an informed decision. I see clients by appointment only, so why not schedule yours today? 


Lee Long

Licensed Massage Therapist



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